Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge


Sitting on the banks of the Mekong, Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge is midway between the World Heritage Town of Luang Prabang, and Huay Xai, the main border crossing between northern Thailand and northern Laos. Both towns are reachable by boat, within a day.

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Stay with the lodge

The Lodge is an ideal starting point for walks into the forest, for a few hours or the whole day, to see villages which are off the main tourist trail. The Lodge also faces the Mekong Elephant Camp, which is dedicated to the protection of elephants and offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the life of an animal important in Lao culture.

Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge (via blogger)

The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge suggests that you stay a few days in this protected area off the beaten track. You will enjoy the comfortable atmosphere, the picturesque sunrise and sunset over the Mekong, and the comings and goings of the different boats that dock near the Lodge’s beach. Your visit will be one of relaxation but also of unusual encounters and an immersion into traditional Lao life.


Superior Room

The Lodge has 20 superior rooms, in two buildings bordering the Mekong. Decorated with bamboo, Hmong wall hangings, and with parquet floors of rosewood, they have a traditional feel. The en-suite bathrooms have hot showers. Each room has a large, private balcony with a coffee table and deckchairs, overlooking the Mekong. From this vantage point, you have a great view of the last boats returning to port, while the sun dips behind the mountains at the river’s edge.

Accommodation (via Agoda)

Deluxe Room

8 Deluxe Rooms feature 24 sqm of floor space with high ceilings. The walls, beams, and doors are all made of wood, the luxurious parquet floors of rosewood. An added feature is the walls, which are completely removable with a system of sophisticated sliding panels. They open to reveal an incredible view of the Mekong and the surrounding landscape.

The bed is centered in the room, with the sink, shower, and toilet hidden from view. Each room has a spacious balcony with coffee table and deckchairs.

Suite Room

The 2 Suites feature 32 sqm of floor space with high ceilings. While Suites are larger than Deluxe rooms, their characteristics are the same, except for the addition of a lounge area. There is a large private balcony offering additional space.

Services & Facilities

Restaurant (via Agoda)

Restaurant: The Sanctuary Pakbeng Lodge has two restaurants overlooking the Mekong River. “The Moonlight” caters for Superior Rooms while “The Sunset”, which is located on top of the hill, caters for the Deluxe rooms and the Suites. Both locations house a bar and a lounge area with free Wi-Fi.

You will have the opportunity to sample traditional Lao & Thai specialties from set menu using seasonal produce from the lodge organic farm. A selection of French & Chilean wines is available to accompany your meal, as well as local Lao whisky.

The Sunset Bar: Enjoy a cocktail accompanied by an incredible view of the setting sun.

The Moonlight Bar: A perfect Jazzy lounge to appreciate an after dinner drink. The sala overlooking the Mekong houses our restaurant, bar, reception, and lounge area. The bar and lounge are positioned to make the most of the landscape and the comings and goings of the boats below, while you enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with friends.

As evening falls, you can watch the elephants from the camp situated across the river, or the herd of water buffalo that come to drink and bathe in the cool waters of the Mekong. Comfortably seated on plush sofas, you can sample your choice of BeerLao (the locals’ favorite beverage), Lao Lao (a whisky made from rice alcohol), or a Green Naga (the Lodge’s signature cocktail).

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