Attapeu – an attractive destination in Laos


Attapeu is an attractive destination in the southeastern tip of Laos, which is famous for the ethnic diversity as well as the untamed nature. Traveling to this province, do not miss these destinations:

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Nong Fa or Nong Kai Ork Lake

Situated in the northeast of Attapeu, this lake is amidst the serene nature and bordered by the peaks of mountain ranges. The intact lake offers the blue water all year round which is ideal for swimming, relaxing and sightseeing. Since the depth of the lake remains unknown, it is the mysterious attraction to call for the travelers’ interest. More and more couples love to hang out in this peaceful lake and say the words of love. For the singles, the moments of walking in the site give them peace of mind, and who knows? You might meet your right half in this romantic setting.

Nong Fa Lake (via Vietnam)

Wat Sakhae Temple

This revered Buddha religious site is a highlight of Attapeu which attracts pilgrims from many other corners. Along the route to explore this province, people are advised to stop by this sacred venue to pay respect to the local spirits and pray for the safe trip. In fact, Wat Sakhae Temple should be the first and foremost site to see in this intact province.

Tad Phaphong Waterfall

The 5-hour boat trip upstream from Saysettha District has become an enjoyable activity to do in Attapeu Province for periods. It’s wonderful to contemplate the picturesque waterfall. When the water flows over the edge of the high cliff in the mountains and falls into a pool beneath, the audiences all feel good and relaxed. Sightseeing water under the mountain, as well as the colorful rocks in Tad Phaphong Waterfall seems to be one of the most pleasant things to do in the intact land.

Tad Phaphong Waterfall (via Vietnam)

Wat Pha Saysettha and Saysettha Stupa

Erected in 1577, the antique pagoda of Saysettha has long been a favorite religious venue of the residents. While the pagoda itself has the exceptional architecture and divine atmosphere, the stupa is extraordinary with the handmade bricks. Things in Saysettha remains original and distinctive that nowhere else has. For all good reasons, make sure you include the name of Saysettha in the itinerary to this town. The calming moments in the stupa might last during your ecotourism tour in Attapeu. The positive thoughts are what you might need to stay happy throughout days and nights here.

Nonglom Lake

Just 3km from the provincial capital of SamakhiXai, the beautiful Nonglom Lake provides the inspirational setting for picnic and relaxation. The backpackers and young travelers do love gathering in this refreshing area to eat the meal out of doors and have fun together. This lake has been witnessing lots of happy stories that visitors of generations have created. It is the living witness of love, sadness, and even grief. The short visit to Nonglom might bring you some unexplained feelings, and perhaps, it’s a good place to give you the necessary emotional boost. Let’s come to see!

Nonglom Lake (via a life in words)

Kavanghine Place

Around 56km from of SamakhiXai District, the exceptional attraction of Kavanghine Place becomes recognizable for the rock structures made in the ancient times. It’s thought that the history of the mysterious rocks is from the legendary MeuangChueng. The historical attraction teaches you the new lesson about the rock structures found in the laid-back Laos. Not many places have this special highlight.

Ban Mai Village

The memorable homestay experience in Ban Mai Village makes the travel to Attapeu worthwhile. The village is nestled on the edge of the famous XePian National Protected Area, which has the features of hills, untamed forest, lakes, and waterfalls. After hours of exploring the original culture and customs in this ethnic village, some travelers find it hard to leave without an overnight stay. Then, they opt for the Ban Bai Village Homestay and enjoy the ecotourism value in this captivating site. The indigenous forest associated with the authentic bird communities make your moments in Ban Mai truly friendly to nature during day and night.

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